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    How to play Solitaire board game?

    Let's get it out first. Solitaire isn't a game at all really... it's a puzzle which has baffled the best of minds for centuries. It was first invented by a French nobleman in the Bastille to while away the hours.

    There are few different versions of this game and we have boards made with beautiful wooden boards and eye-catching pieces.


    The game is set up so that pieces fill every hole except the middle hole.

    The objective is to remove every piece except one, with the final piece ending up in the center hole.

    Number of players

    Solitaire is played by one person. Since it is played by one person, technically it is not a game at all, but a puzzle.

    Basic Play

    The player makes successive capturing moves, removing a single piece each turn until is it impossible to make any more capturing moves.

    Each turn, the player captures a piece by jumping over that piece orthogonal-ly (not diagonally) from one adjacent point to the vacant adjacent point on the other side.

    Therefore, the first turn can be made only by jumping a piece into the middle hole from one of 4 possible points.

    Advanced Play

    If you have mastered the basic play you can pick a hole other than the center hole as a finishing hole.

    An interesting point to note is that the 37 point board is less complex than the 33 point board.



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